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We love to offer a comprehensive service that will provide not only a highly attractive and original web design as well as the online performance, functionality and support your business requires long after your website goes live.

Websites act as a direct window into your business. A well designed, maintained and promoted web site has the capacity to generate more business and a greater awareness about the products or services that you offer.

A website is now not a online presence it is an online necessity for your company, with the advent of mobile, smartphone and tablet technology your website needs to work on many platforms and the user experiences required to be rich, well thought out and easily understood by the tech savvy audiences craving online information.

Online sales are sky rocketing and new methods of technology are being invented daily, retail and real estate clients for example have quickly grabbed hold of QR Code technology for instant gratification via smartphones and the latest in bar codes readers allowing interactive sales from tradtional signage and newspaper advertising.

ADS offer a comprehensive website and online technology  service including the design, copy writing, construction, maintenance and hosting of your website, domain name registration and management and search engine optimisation, as well as developing marketing ideas with the latest online business or social networking tools.

We are able to provide valuable and deatiled statistics on your website including hit counts, viewer information, traffic reports and search engine results.

Something very important ADS wants to bring up for you to consider is the enormous change in the website industry in 2014 to what are called responsive websites,  60% off all online searches for information and content on websites and Google etc are now being done on smart phones and tablets and an ever increasing percentage amongst baby boomers..
By 2015, Baby Boomers (age 50 and up) will represent 45% of the US population. Very similar for other developed or developing markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.
From a marketing standpoint, Baby Boomers make most of the large financial decisions in corporations, and they are also the wealthiest subsection of the population, with folks age 55 and older controlling more than three quarters of America's wealth. This is very similar in Australia.
Today, 36% of Baby Boomers own a Smartphone, and nearly half of them use the Internet and check e-mail every day from it. Nearly 35% of all tablet users are adults age 45+, and 47% of adults older than 73 now shop or seek information or services online.
2014 has seen a revolution in websites and and user experiences online. A responsive website changes shape and content to be easily read on whatever size the site is viewed on, it even switches direction like say on an Iphone when you change from a vertical to a horizontal format. The same with a tablet and larger screens etc. The figures for under 40 year olds, employers, employees and students usage etc is even greater. 25% of internet users only access the internet via a mobile now and that’s only going to increase. The world is changing very fast and we are all searching on smart phones, tablets and pc’s.
We are talking to all our current and new perspective clients about this as soon as possible so they can maximise the traffic and business opportunities from their sites as soon as possible as these changes will benefit everyone. A major change is also allowing clients a lot more access to their sites and the ability to alter, adjust and update content as easily as opening, changing and saving a word document. We have been able to do this to an extent for a few years but it is just getting better and better and easier and easier.
Let me know if you are interested in discussing this further and how ADS can help you mover forwards into this new responsive world.
Here are a couple of Interesting facts and very relevant articles for you.
You, your kids, your parents and your customers have a Smartphone. Is your Website Ready?
Your next website visitor will be using a mobile device.
60% of All Online Traffic Now Comes from Mobile Devices.
32% of Google Searches are Done on Mobile Devices.
70% of Mobile Searches Lead to Action.
Google Mobile Search uses Device Compatibility as a Ranking Tool - and Google Prefers Responsive Design.
What's the next step?
Mobile marketing, and having a mobile compatible website, should already be at the top of your advertising expense sheet.
With the Australian holiday season just around the corner, there isn't time to spare when it comes to making your website ready for Smart phone window shoppers and service seekers. Check out how your website functions on a smart phone - and talk to ADS today to bring it up to speed. To further enhance the experience websites should look to include videos as well, please see the entrepreneur article below.

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