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To be found on Google your website will need great content, relevant content and supported by organic links, sponsored links and for best results, targeted keyword advertising campaigns known as "AdWords" used to run online promotions and special content. Your website is not a static tool, it needs to be dynamic and updated regularly with new and relevant information, the more you update your website the better it can rank and the more people will see it.

Ahhhh, SEO. You are the thorn in our backside. Without you, our job would be so much easier. We could develop rich / dynamic custom designed flash websites that look more impressive than the Taj Mahal and pyramids combined. Yet you seem to be more important than ever. You're like our Mother-in-law. You're not going away so we have learnt to love you. Unconditionally. That's right, our passionate affair with full flash websites has ended and now we are all about compromise. That precarious balance between having a well designed visually appealing website and one that can be found easily by the god of all things web. Yep, you guessed it "Google". In-fact don't tell Mr Google this, but this entire page exists to improve our rank in search engines. You see writing for the web is an art form and requires a different set of criteria than normal copy writing. Here we determine what are the most important key phrases and key words that targeted users may search for us for. We then tabulate and write using such key words and phrases in order to rank as high as we can in the areas that are most important to our success.

Aside from content which as they say "content is king", we also look at all the behind the scenes techniques to get your businesses website to rank as high as possible. Keywords, title tags, alt tags, meta tags and descriptions are all used to make your website as optimised as it can be.

We also highly recommend budgeting for an effective on-line advertising campaign using google adwords. We have the ability to create high quality on-line ads that consistently achieve top rankings whilst enjoying low cost per click. Online advertising can achieve precise segmentation of your businesses products and services ensuring you are getting the maximum value for your business dollar.

On-line advertising (Google adwords) and organic SEO (free optimisation techniques) are also very measurable. We are able to provide complete statistics for all facets of your website and set goals that ensure your on-line marketing strategy is a success.

Remember your potential clients could be online right now. Can they find you? Or are they finding you competitors instead?

Talk to ADS today and find out how to get the most out of your website!

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